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Hagerty Valuation Tools

One of the most common questions we are asked at Hagerty is, "How much is my car worth?" To help answer that question, we produce the Hagerty Price Guide, updated three times per year and shared with you here. Our independent experts analyze data on most post-war cars from a multitude of sources to provide the most accurate and realistic collectible car prices available, all with the aim of making enthusiasts more knowledgeable about the marketplace. Select your car to get started.

*Please note: All prices shown here are based on various data sources, as detailed in About Our Prices. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount. In the event of a claim, the guaranteed value(s) on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle(s) is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different. If you would like to discuss your Hagerty Insurance policy, please call us at 877-922-9701.

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Hagerty Valuation Tools

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Values by Condition
Condition 4: Fair

#4 cars are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped. Paintwork is imperfect, and perhaps the fender has a minor dent. The interior could have split seams or a cracked dash. No major parts are missing, but the wheels could differ from the originals, or the interior might not be stock. No major customisations have been made. A #4 car can also be a deteriorated restoration. "Fair" is the one word that describes a #4 car.

Condition 3: Good

#3 cars could possess some, but not all of the issues of a #4 car, but they will be balanced by other factors such as a fresh paint job or a new, correct interior. #3 cars drive and run well, but might have some incorrect parts. These cars are not used for daily transportation but are ready for a long tour without excuses, and the casual passerby will not find any visual flaws. No major customisations have been made. "Good" is the one word description of a #3 car.

Condition 2: Excellent

#2 cars could win a local or regional show. They can be former #1 cars that have been driven or have aged. Seasoned observers will have to look closely for flaws, but will be able to find some not seen by the general public. The paint, chrome, glass and interior will all appear as excellent. No excessive smoke will be seen on startup, no unusual noises will emanate from the engine compartment. The vehicle will drive as a new car of its era would. No customisations have been made. The one word description for #2 cars is "excellent."

Condition 1: Concours

Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best car, unmodified, in the right colours, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the car has been groomed down to the tire treads. Painted and chromed surfaces are mirror-like. Dust and dirt are banned, and materials used are correct and superbly fitted. No customisations have been made. The one word description for #1 cars is "concours."

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*Figure based on vehicle being garaged, 1000 annual miles, and main driver over 30 years old, a clean license and no claims in five years. Actual costs vary depending on these and other factors.